the first Walt Disney Pictures logo (one picture and on logo into)(it's also the same for all but not the one we see today(cgi walt disney castle))
Walt Disney Classic Starting00:14

Walt Disney Classic Starting.

the 1th or 2th one (im not sure)

20070625 wdp logo old

the first Walt Disney pictures castle

now the 2 logo for walt disney pictures that was used in the pixar film (from toy story to the last film to have this logo (ratatouille)).see the logo below.
CGI Walt Disney Pictures logo00:12

CGI Walt Disney Pictures logo


03 pixar

now the 3th logo is a logo that is like in a cave but is at the text and then the castle but is not seeing some part but at the end it's gone (i don't know how to say the logo).
Walt Disney Pictures Walden Media00:27

Walt Disney Pictures Walden Media

it's the only one i can find


and the last one is the one we see today the cgi walt 'disney castle (new and more cooler)
Walt Disney Pictures Logo (2006-present)00:32

Walt Disney Pictures Logo (2006-present)

the 1th one

Walt Disney Pictures logo (2011)00:32

Walt Disney Pictures logo (2011)

the real one we see today with the words Disney and not the Walt Disney pictures saying


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